Disowned Parts of the Self: Early 4​-​Track Recordings

by Cozy Catastrophes

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1. Dying Breath
2. Go Easy With That Shovel
3. Fascist Police
4. Fucked-up Girl
5. Dave’s Airplane
6. I’ll Know Why
7. Junior Achievement Award
8. Macramé
9. Slavery
10. Just Like That
11. 20 Years Old
12. Kid in the Well
13. Bi-mistake
14. Plan for Today
15. Skylab
16. When You Die
17. Fool Me Once
18. The Flavor Stays Strong
19. Bumblebee
20. Me So Horny

1, 2, 11, 16 from the unfinished album Pop Songs for Funerals
4, 10, 11, 13, 16 from the Pal-O-Mine cassette

Most of these songs were recorded before 2008; all were recorded before An Instructive Amusement (2013). The audio quality is mixed, but the recordings aren't as lo-fi as, say, early Daniel Johnston and Mountain Goats tapes.

What people are saying:

"My personal favorite is from the sweet little pop outfit of Greg Adams' Cozy Catastrophes. Adams usually opts for a more lush sound, but 'Dying Breath' comes from a compilation of his early 4-track work, and, to my ears, the simplicity suits him." – A Short Walk/Musical Family Tree


released October 8, 2016

Greg sang and played electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, Casio keyboards, Moog synthesizer, mandolin, harmonica, and percussion.



Cozy Catastrophes Bloomington, Indiana

Cozy Catastrophes is an American bedroom pop, indiepop, twee-pop kinda band.

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