An Instructive Amusement

by Cozy Catastrophes

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Michael Galimore
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Michael Galimore The TITLE is the first blush of an engaging lyric and accompaniment. As soon as I listen to the other songs, I will have to use 'edit' and compliment Greg on the balance of the album! Favorite track: I Wish This Sweater Were You.
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"The playthings of our age may be made to surpass the science of the schools of antiquity. A boy who has but slight ingenuity can easily transcend the miracles of the wonder-workers in the temples of Egypt and Greece, and perform feats which would have made their worker a divinity in the much lauded 'good old times.'"
– Student and Family Miscellany, 1855

Greg Adams sang and played guitars, bass, Moog, old Casios, mandolin, etc.

What people are saying:

"[H]omemade, bedroom-pop recordings ... clever and slightly cute." —February Records

"Twee as fuck." —Radio X

"Is it possible to be tooo twee? About such things reasonable people will stab and maim and mutilate and get in pillow fights with one another, but we prefer to hear what this Bloomington one-man bander has to say/sing." — Powerpopulist

"インディアナ州ブルーミントンの Greg Adams 君によるベッドルーム・プロジェクト。 陽性でキャッチーなメロディーが好感触なデビューアルバム。" – Pop Camp


released August 6, 2013

Cover photo by Jon Hancuff. Photo manipulation by Denise Griggs. Recorded in kitchens and bedrooms.

Beehive Rebellion Records. BEE 4.



all rights reserved


Cozy Catastrophes Bloomington, Indiana

Cozy Catastrophes is an American bedroom pop, indiepop, twee-pop kinda band.

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Track Name: I Wish This Sweater Were You
V-neck, crew neck, wool or cotton
Hold me like I'm not forgotten
By the girl who broke my heart
And left me all alone

Fisherman's weave or cardigan sweater
Gonna sit right down and write her a letter
To let her know I'd feel much better
If she would come back home

Winter's coming on
And I miss your loving arms that kept me warm
Don't know what to do
I'm cold and lonely too
I wish this sweater were you

Cashmere, mohair, polyester
Wish I hadn't gone and pressed her
To stay here in the cold Northwest where
She's not meant to be

Scarves and mittens help but I still
Feel that bitter winter chill
Crashing over heartbreak hill
Like icy waves at sea


Love me and come home in the spring
Trust me that I'll do any, I'll do anything

Track Name: Cigarette Girl
You're tall and skinny like a chimney
You send me
But you put so much secondhand smoke in me
When I say you're hot
You know I'm not a liar—'cause you're on fire
Cigarette girl

You're cool and thin like a wire
You take me higher
But when you smoke it inspires thoughts of burning tires
We could go far
But your lips are so high tar
Cigarette girl

When you smoke cigarettes
Chew some gum or eat a Certs®
And I'll kiss you until it hurts
Cigarette girl

The surgeon general's warning
Can be so alarming
When you're in love and the girl that you love keeps harming
Her health and smoke on her breath
Could mean early death
Cigarette girl

You're such a cutie and your beauty
Is so fine
Then I find inside your lungs are all black
Like a coal mine
But if you quit would we still sit together
In freezing weather?
Cigarette girl

Track Name: Radio Detection and Ranging
No lyrics. It's an instrumental.
Track Name: (I Woke Up from a) Bad Dream
I woke up from a bad dream
To a dream come true

I found the sun
Floating there
Right where I'd left it

And I found my thrill
Sleeping still
Right there beside me

And dreams are only dreams
But please believe me—
It could happen to you


And dreams are only dreams
But please believe me—
It could happen to you

I woke up from a bad dream
To a dream come true
When I found you
Track Name: It Comes and Goes
It's like a love song
You hear only once and then it's gone
It's like a love song
You hear only once and then it's gone

It's something that's carried on the wind
A memory fading
Never returning
It comes and it goes

It's like a true love
You think that you have and then it's gone
It's like a true love
You think that you have and then it's gone

It's something that's built on shifting sand
It slips out of your hands
As soon as it began
It comes and it goes
Track Name: Secret Sunday
Uh-oh, I saw you again today
Oh no, I thought you would look away
But you stole a glance and smiled
Nobody knows that our hearts are wild

I'd come running
Just to see your face in the sun
On a secret Sunday someday

Uh-oh, I called you when I got home
Oh no, I hoped you would be alone
Nothing's turning out quite right
But I'm a moth tempted by your light


I'd been waiting and hoping for so long
That love would find me, but love got it all wrong
Let us now consider a fool and his schemes:
I thought you were a dream come true
But you're only a dream

Track Name: Experiment with Love
I'll be your puppy dog
I'll be your kitty cat
I'll be your guinea pig
I'll be your lab rat
I'll be any, anything you want me to be
Experiment with love on me

Put on your lab coat
Put me under a microscope
Give me a little hope
Find a cure for me
'Cause you're for me

You've never been kissed
So put me in a Petri dish
Grant me a little wish
And try me out
See what love's about


Conduct a trial
Here's a number you can dial
See if I can make you smile
Call me on the phone
When you're all alone

We'll go out dancing
Get data on romancing
You'll see that love's worth chancing
It's not mystical
It's statistical

Track Name: Family Band
If we had a family band
We could get on the bus, travel the country
Playing in clubs, singing for pennies
Paying our dues, driving on empty
In our family band

Little sister would play tambourine
Brother'd play bass and sing harmony
("Way down upon the Swanee River...")
If we had a family band


Mama's piano would ring out so sweet
Daddy'd play drums and hold down the beat
A song we wrote would get on the radio
Some network would give us a TV show
We'd have the number one hit in the nation
On every radio station

Track Name: Good to Me
Summer love is like a breeze and
Blows in like the summer season
Filling up your heart with sun
Till your days are bright and warm
And your eyes are dry and skies are blue
That's summer love when summer's new

Autumn love's like the autumn feeling
That you get when the leaves are falling
When the trees are red and gold
And the nights are turning cold
It's like a ray of sun at dawn
That's autumn love when summer's gone

It feels so good to me
When you're good to me
But when love goes away
It blows away
Like the leaves

Winter love is ever flowing
Underneath the snow it's growing
Even the cold and gray
Winter love will find a way
To multiply and to go on
That's winter love when autumn's gone

In the spring it all starts over
Love is green like a field of clover
Fresh as a brand new day
Full of hope and things to say
If it does well and perseveres
Spring love may last another year


The seasons change
And love is strange
It breaks or bends
And sometimes never ends

Track Name: I Love You More
I like the wiggle in your hips
And the giggle on your lips so cherry
Your eyes so cheery
Your sighs when you're near me
When you hold my hand
And tell me I'm your man
Then I love you more

I like the way that you smell
And what you say when you tell me that
You love me so
I just want to let you know:
Never gonna let you go
And you should see
You're the world to me
'Cause I love you more

I love the way you are with me
And the way I'm with you
And the things we do
Other people may love other people, it's true
But I love you more

I like the sun in your hair
And that you're someone who cares so sweetly
And loves me completely
And gives all your heart to me
It means so much
Every time we touch
'Cause I love you more

When you're around I rejoice
At the sound of your voice like music
Your kiss so magic
You must be electric
'Cause you're like a spark
Or light in the dark
And I love you more


You shouldn't be made to guess
How much love I possess
If you want to assess
We'll have a love contest
And everyone will know
That I love you best

Track Name: Girlfriend in the Rain
When it's raining
And you're standing on the corner
Standing on the corner
In the rain
You look like a girlfriend
Like somebody's girlfriend
You look just like a girlfriend
In the rain

I'd be a lucky fella
If you'd love me too
If I had an umbrella
I would give it to you


Track Name: Same Old You
Let's grow old together
And all through the years
Smile only smiles
And shed no more tears

We'll sing only love songs
And read romance books
Exchange tender kisses
And trade lovesick looks

And I'll never love someone new
(I'll never love someone new)
I'll always love same old
Love same old you

Love may be fragile
And love may be strange
People might hurt you
And people might change

But I'll stand beside you
And make no mistakes
I'll love you forever
Whatever it takes

Track Name: IOU Everything
This summer with you
I felt so good
I'm happy with you
And understood

I saw the trees
I read the signs
I felt the breeze
And I'm feeling fine

When I'm with you
Everything's so real
When I'm with you
Everything's revealed
And oh, I owe you everything

This summer with you
I went outside
I didn't need to
Stay in and hide

I rode the bus
I made the bed
I thought of us
I planned ahead